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GC-CAM Edit meets the needs of PCB designers and CAM operators who require convenient design modification capabilities. It features all the powerful panelization and editing tools necessary for PCB photoplotting, drill and rout, stencil manufacturing, and basic design modification.

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Product Functions

• Powerful isolation based stencil creation 
• Robust data editing 
• ODB++ import option 
• Gerber to DXF, DXF to Gerber

Product Features


Auto Convert Sketched Pads

Certain design data was created with pads comprised of sketched traces. This design type makes it incredibly difficult to conduct certain measurements on pads because there is no defined center point or edges due to the sketched traces. Auto Convert Sketched Pads (ACSP) converts sketched data (traces) into flashed data (pads) in order to obtain dimension and pitch measurements for pads, and also aids in cleaner results for other functions and application processes as well.


Advanced Scan and Replace

Converts a feature on a layer (the feature being constructed from pads and/or traces), scans the rest of the layer for similar constructions, and then changes the shape of that feature and any others found on the layer. Additionally, it searches for features with orthogonal rotations. This is an elite application function that can be used in tandem with Auto Convert Sketched Pads in order to surgically convert complexly sketched data.


Advanced Stencil Editing (Cost Option)

Provides users with several efficient stencil editing solutions, including pad splitting, "C" pad creation, heel and toe edits, and automatic pad adjustment for pad-pitch manipulation. Click here for detailed examples.

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